Staff: Friends of St. Teresa Nzara South Sudan- Sr Laura Gemignani

Comboni Missionary Sisters (CMS)

Sr Laura Gemignani

Sr Laura Gemignani an Italian Comboni Missionary Sister who as a young woman escaped the Idi Amin regime and subsequently dedicated her life as a nursing CMS is manager of all aspects of the hospital and its future development on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio (CDTY)

Laura has extensive experience in Ethiopia and has managed the hospital since
2013 overseeing staffing and building developments which have improved the annual service delivery for over 20,000 outpatients, 7250 inpatients, over 6000 HIV/AIDS clients and Tb, Leprosy afflicted men and women coming from the Tombura-Yambio Region and from CAR and DRC.

Sr Laura works with Bishop Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, the Diocesan team including Dr John Bono ,CMMB ,multiple donors and the Ministry of Health
to provide the management of an excellent hospital functioning in difficult circumstances. Her experience and drive has provided the impetus for much progress at St Therese.