Friends of St. Teresa Nzara Hospital Expansion - Update 29 April - 05 May 2019

Friends of St. Teresa Nzara Hospital Expansion - Update 29 April - 05 May 2019


The Solid progress of last week carried over, with some delays on electrical work, plumbing proceeded. Tiling work continued at the Theatre and the Surgical Ward. The cement skirting that borders the three buildings were completed in preparation for completion of the tiling. The painting has gone forward with undercoating of all three buildings. The Teak Company's backhoe came back to finalise levelling and site cleanup.

The Teak Company's backhoe did a nice job clearing behind the Surgical Ward and Theatre.

Site Details

Maternity Ward

At the Maternity Ward the borders of sill and wall columns were finished in cement in preparation for the laying of the tiles. The painting began and all undercoats went forward. The front door was set and the preparations were made for the laying of the internal tiles. The electricians added security lights also along the perimeter of the building.

Surgical Ward

Tiles began at the Surgical Ward this week and made good progress thanks to our two great tilers working day and night. Other activities included adding protective bases to the veranda columns and completing the cement skirting along the edge of the building. The electrical wires were pulled through the ceiling but have not been connected yet. Security lights were added along the buildings perimeter. The undercoat painting continued and preliminary plumbing work has also begun.

Operating Theatre 

Many of the electrical connections were made this week in the roof of the Operating Theatre and security lights were added to the perimeter of the building. Tile work continued with the wall tiles in the main Operating Theatre as well as the time consuming task of cutting and fixing tiles to fit along the wall edging, corners and around door. A cement skirting was added along the edge of the building where the tiles will be eventually laid down and set. Plumbing work also continued throughout the week but will need to improve on their deadlines.



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