new solar power station

we are urgently raising funds in aid of Friends of St Teresa Nzara Limited (fsttn) to build a new Solar power plant for a hospital in Nzara, South Sudan.The hospital’s needs are rapidly expanding, and this new power plant will allow for an increased level of healthcare not otherwise available. 

the provision of life-saving health care is the ultimate protection for vulnerable mothers, children and adults in this environment.

IT enhancement

IT upgrades to accomodate the X-ray equipment, improved transfusion services, oxygen supply, laboratory equipment, a humidicrib and introduction of new patient monitoring facilities.

staff training

the local staff are trained up to use the new systems and infrastructure.

emergency infrastructure repairs

countries like South Sudan substantially lack basic infrastructure (such as roads, transportation and health facilities) and often need repairs.

technical resources

we have developed numerous technical resources for the projects to help plan out our projects in detail to save resources.

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