The Abruzzo Sunday Lunch

The Abruzzo Sunday Lunch

The Abruzzo Sunday Lunch for St Therese Nzara Hospital South Sudan was successful financially and socially. It was enjoyed by 120 guests with  $15,000 raised through Auction and fund raising donations.

Thanks to Domenica Vavala, Libby D’Alessandro, Christine Wright, Cristina Toscano, Tony Tardio and John Saunders. Generous donors of gifts and Auction items made this possible.

Parade College former students Michael Donato, Aiden Hrup and Callum Holmes together with Kylie & Andy Kuppe were thanked  for their previous years fund raising of $35,000. Architects Helen Berthelsen and Ian Laging  were thanked for the development plans of the hospital.

A brief presentation of the hospital was made with imagery from Dr Matthew Jones and Daniel Doyle collated by Julian Doyle.

Thanks to the Abruzzo Club Women’s and Management committee for their support and donation with a special thanks to Rocco Ceniti, Mary and Jim Incani and the staff especially Ruthie.

See everyone next year.

Daniel Doyle 

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