Despite South Sudan’s political power struggle with fighting and population displacement, Western Equatoria remains relatively peaceful and secure .The Italian Comboni Order has worked in South Sudan for 50 years facilitating development of community health care, education and community support groups.

 Edmund Rice Foundation Australia’s (ERFA) financial support for training and infrastructure development at the Comboni managed Nzara Hospital has assisted healthcare of the STAR and Rainbow HIV/Aids communities and general population .

 The success of an ERFA financed 10 KWh/day solar energy systems enabling reliable laboratory testing and refrigeration gave the impetus for the development a larger scale 100kWh/day solar energy system.

 A team of Australian and German expert volunteers worked closely with Sr dr Sara Antonini, Nzara Hospital manager to assess current and future energy requirements and future design of the hospital and provided a sustainable energy solution.

 Designed and built in Tasmania by Mode Electrical it will provide a reliable energy supply for x-ray equipment, improved transfusion services, oxygen supply, laboratory equipment, a humidicrib and introduction of new patient monitoring facilities.