Welcome to Friends of St.Teresa Nzara

Friends of St. Teresa Nzara key members

In 2009 Dr Elissa Kennedy, Phillip Scott and subsequently Dr Daniel Doyle visited St Therese Nzara Hospital and recommended support for St Therese Nzara Hospital from Australia to assist the Christian Brothers HIV/AIDS Star Group in Yambio obtain optimal health care. Edmund Rice Foundation Australia (ERFA) has provided annual support for nurse and clinical officer training, laboratory and solar energy development .In 2016 a sustainable energy solution with Solar Panels and Batteries was provided producing up to 150kwhr clean energy without the need for expensive diesel fuel for the back up generators. This has allowed for future planning developments; New theatres, wards and a blood bank and laboratory redevelopment are planned in 2018 for the Comboni Missionary Sister managed Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio Hospital in a partnership lead by the New York Based Catholic Medical Missionary Board (CMMB), together with Sudan Relief Fund, Cross International, ERFA.

In Australia architects Helen Berthelsen and Ian Laging have designed the solar panel and system placement, developed plans for the theatre and blood bank and wards and provided long-term site planning for the development of facilities at the hospital.
Geoff Elliott communications and internet expert has assessed power requirements for equipment and planned implementation of Internet communications within the hospital and plans for its extension to the Comboni Missionary Sister’s community, school and HIV/AIDS Rainbow Group assisted by GlobalTT Belgium especially Charlotte Gago-Garcia (www.globaltt.com)

Martin Dingemanse and Simon Dingemanse (modeelectrical.com.au)designed and built the solar power system in Launceston Tasmania with volunteer help and donations assisting .
Simon assembled the system with local assistance on site in 2016 giving a big impression on the staff by the hard work and commitment, as well as Martin provides continuing internet monitoring of the power system and advice.

Domenica Vavala and family, Liberata D’Alessandro and the Abruzzo Club,
Rocco and Antoinette Barca and family (Villa Verde) provide Fund Raising assistance.

Dr Daniel Doyle and Christine Wright provide coordination, planning and financial support. They have recently visited Nzara in 2018, their presence bring Joy and Hope they are leaving example of what Solidarity and Concern means. The community welcomed them in their prior visit by Dr Daniel Doyle in 2009, 2011, 2014, 2016. 

Generous Students from Parade College Bundoora Melbourne have provided funds in 2017 and plan 2018 Fund Raising. 

Many donors have supported Fund Raising events and made generous donations including The Noel and Carmel O'Brien Family Foundation.

ACFID accredited ERFA (www.erf.org.au) Louise Alison, Bren Arkinstall, Emily Faller, Br Robert Stone and Br Bill Wilding and the ERFA Board facilitate Funding, payments and programme monitoring.